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This blog was initially created to keep my friends and family informed of the goings on in my day to day life while I am over seas. Now it has become a hub to my photography experiment and a place to display my art works.

Three Hundred & Sixty Five Photographs

Three Hundred & Sixty Five Photographs is a project designed to improve my photography skills and my creative eye while giving everyone back home a sneak peek into my day to day life in a somewhat entertaining manner. This is a common exercise through out the blogesphere and I have been meaning to give it a go for quite some time. During this next year I hope to learn to see the artistic side to the most mundane objects. I hope to improve my technical skills and to create something I can look back on later in life. Thank you to every one who has supported me in this endeavor and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do : )

Many Thanks

Thank you so much to all my readers. I am completely overwhelemed with the amount of views I have gotten on this new blog in such a short amount of time. You have inspired me to keep at it and come up with some interesting ideas.

A massive thanks to my very supportive friends. You have been my inspiration to start this endevour. The many “Why don’t you do something with all your art works?” have finally paid off. Thank you for pushing me and for all the encouragment and at times constructive critisism.

A very special thank you to my family (especially to my mum & dad) and to my boyfriend. You guys are my strong back bone and always keep me going. Thank you to mum and dad for always buying me textas and crayons and I deeply apologize for the paint splattered carpets and doodled on furniture. Without you guys I would never have realised my passion. This site and all its works are dedicated to you.

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