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Lovely Links of Late

December 11, 2010

Hey dudes & dudettes,

How are you all doing? I have some photos to update for you later on this weekend but I thought I would share some links I have been loving lately.

The Yellow Bird Project was set up in 2006 by two friends from Montreal. Fresh out of the university oven, the Indie-Rock loving pair set out to follow in Bono’s footsteps and raise money and awareness amongst their hip peers (and not so young lovers of all things Indie and Rock n’ Roll). Combining two of our generations most beloved passions (arguably, of course) these philanthropic geniuses have persuaded their favorite bands to design shirts in order to be sold to raise money for the artists favorite charity. The likes of Bloc Party, Tegan and Sara, Little Boots, The Shins and even a bit of Aussie flavor with a shirt designed by Wolfmother (although their charity of choice is not an Australian one… Excuse me boys, why the heck not?) have put their hearts and souls into creating some pretty rad designs. At $25 a pop I urge you to buy one (or a million… watever). Not only are they cheaper than shirts you’d buy at the mall, you’d also be supporting a wide range of charities (helping gay and lesbian foundations, wild life associations, a myriad of yout support groups… etc etc) with your sweet new kit. Check it out : )


Killer Strawberry is an artist I discovered at Camden Markets a few weeks ago. His sketches are hilarious, sadistic and emotional. Some make you laugh, some make you sad, some make you uncomfortable but they are all brilliant.  My favorite are the Hell series. Individually the pieces are great but combined they represent a time line of complete honesty. I love them and plan on saving my pennies to buy a bunch!

Speak soon!


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