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Dear Diary: The Captial Of Europe

September 24, 2010

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We took a train under the ocean from London to the capital of Europe, Brussels. A beautiful city with a strong scent of chocolate wafting through the breeze and streets so clean you almost feel like you are dirtying them with each step of your grubby little shoes. Our trip to Brussels was short lived but high on delightful-ness, a perfect location to take a day to ease our mind, bodies and souls into holiday mode. No work, no early alarms (well, there were a few in order to catch the earlier trains!) and no obligations to anything other than our sheer desires to explore and discover the fruitful delights that our chosen destinations had to offer. Oh yes, Brussels my dears was indeed the perfect choice for our first stop.

Once arriving in Brussels we made our way to our somewhat basic hostel filled with staff who were more concerned with the operations of their own establishment rather than giving its inhabitants any ideas of fun things to do so we secured a map and picked a place to start, and boy was it rather random.

Much to the delight and envy of my dear friend with an identical first name, our first stop was the Comic Book Museum. A very fun hour or so was spent here discovering the ins and outs of old comic creation and hunting for Smurfs- a lesser known Belgium icon than the likes of beer and chocolate. We then trotted through the city and explored the cobbled roads, picked up a delicious baguette and made our way to the Grand Place to observe some beautiful old architecture. We then followed the map to the iconic little fountain of the boy pissing (yeah, epic let down, its super tiny… referring to the statue here- not necessarily his willy, we didn’t have that close of a look). We then explored Brussels parks and lazed around taking in the picturesque scenery around us.

When the sun had set we took a train into the city and spent about 45min trying to understand this section of the map. Although as infuriating as it was at the time it would have been hilarious watching two non French speakers turning a map around and around then upside down trying to locate where the mother eff to go. The worst part is we knew where we were on the map but for some reason the street signs around us wouldn’t match up. Eventually we wandered to a spot we could identify on the map and made our way to a little bustling Belgium restaurant, filled with the likes of both tourists and locals. The owner of this restaurant was a fat, extremely bearded and very baggily dressed Brussels man, only too eager to help with the French menu all the while serving many people at the same time. We had some delectable and excessively large meals and then made our way back to our hostel for the night.

The next morning we woke, had some breakfast and jumped on a train. We ended up at the Atonium Atom, an attraction I just can’t wrap my head around. Why the Atonium atom? And why is Brussels? The randomness is mind boggling. We then got more baguettes and caught our train to our next location…

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  1. Tash permalink
    September 24, 2010 1:13 pm

    Loving this. These places sound so exciting. Esp the comic book museum… much envy indeed that you got to go there!!!

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