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♥ Link Love! ♥

September 19, 2010

Ok so today I will be catching you all the way back up with photos but first I am going to share some links with you.

10 Sky photos You Will Never Forget… ever ever ever. Some truly magnificent shots of the sky.

Feeling a little home sick and being endlessly envious of the soon to be summer season that my Brisbane friends are about to face, I thought I would share this link for the ladies out there. The very talented and stunning Kate of Be Inspired has created a lovely blog filled with fashion tips with affordable finds within Brisbane. All the photos are taken by her talented boyfriend and I often find myself popping by this blog for a bit of fun and cheering up.

Jimmi Paige is another link for the girls. Jimmi Paige is a fashion label completely run, designed and produced by a friend of mine back home. She has some amazing pieces and has just launched her first swim wear line right in time for summer!

I found this link on a friend of mines blog (she is just start up so I will give it a bit of time before I post a link to her page if she would like one) and thought it was such a strange but eye catching form of art work. This artist is not what you would call traditional in any sense of the word but some of the things he does are quite clever. If you have time check his site out. Sandy Smith.

This next link I found on my friend Tash’s blog a long while ago and fell in love with the concept. Out Of Print Clothing is a website sending books over to Africa. For ever T-Shirt sold they donate one book to their partner in crime Books For Africa. A very very worthy cause.

I have many more links to share in the next few days, but for now I need to post some photos!

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