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One week down, fifty-one to go!

July 29, 2010

Thank you so much to everyone who has viewed my blog this passing week. I am completely overwhelemed with the amount of views I’ve had, my record being 55 in one day. Lets try and beat it!! And guys don’t be shy, please start leaving comments. I know you have to enter your email address but you don’t get hassled with emails or notifications. You can opt not to be notified if other people also comment on the same post. I’d really really appreciate it if I could get more feedback : ) That is not say I havent enjoyed the facebook love and praise by the way, it would just be more constructive if it took place on the blog itself. And feel free to tell me I suck or to share any ideas you have. I am here to entertain you after all.

I have added a categories bar down the side of the blog so you can easily see all of the Three Hundred & Sixty Five Photographs, any random updates I post and soon any blogs about places I’ve been to and my art works.

So much love from me to all of you : )

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